3 Common Waste Removal Mistakes Made by Corporate Businesses

There’s a bit of doubt as to whether the environmental laws are properly followed by large corporate businesses, and if so, to what extent. The majority of the waste removal procedure consist of dismantling or recycling so one may think it isn’t that much of a complicated process. But a number of waste removal mistakes are made by corporate businesses due to a lack of basic ecological knowledge and caution.

Here are some common waste removal mistakes that businesses need to avoid.

Improper Management of Microbeads

One of the most common and alarming aftermaths of any industrial operation involves dumping non-decomposable micro beaded waste in the ground. To avoid the cost of the waste transformation processes, a lot of companies choose to flush it them into the sewer system too. On 27 April 2018, Environmental ministers in Australia announced to have successfully made 94% of daily use products micro bead free. However, improper management of plastic waste remains one of the biggest environmental problems in today’s world.

Negligence During the Packaging Process

wrong packaging

Using recyclable or biodegradable packaging before retailing is an excellent alternative which industrial businesses should be focusing on. A lot of giant companies like Coca-Cola and Walmart are promoting green living through their campaigns. However, corporate businesses often use non-degradable materials in their packaging. Dumping these waste types can create severe environmental damage. Thankfully, the Australian government has aimed to ensure 100% recyclable or sustainable packaging throughout Australia.

Improper Disposal of Expired Substances

A lot of industrial and pharmaceutical companies lack knowledge about categorising and labelling expired materials, chemicals or drugs. As these wastes are unidentified or unclassified and contain expired chemicals, these turn into hazardous substances very quickly.
Disposing of these substances with different biologically ingrown molecules in landfills and sewer system may produce life-threatening parasites. The environmental effect of this practice has dire consequences.

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