4 Surprising Facts about Green Waste that You Didn’t Know

Green waste makes up a large proportion of total waste in Australia, though the government is promoting the idea of reusing and recycling green waste material in various ways to reduce this. While it is easily processed and dealt with compared to other waste materials, we can all gain by our green waste materials rather than simply throwing them away. Here are a few interesting facts about green waste in Australia and its effects.

Dumping Green Waste Damages the Environment

It might not seem like a big deal to dump your green waste in some secluded location; after all, it’s all natural. But experts warn against doing this, suggesting that it can have serious detrimental effects on the environment. Things like grass and plant clippings can look quite unsightly and can potentially block waterways which causes flooding, which brings a lot of problems with it. This behaviour also spreads weeds and certain pests to public areas. Further, it’s a good idea to avoid throwing things like apple cores away. While it’s true that they will break down, if everyone did this, our public areas wouldn’t be a nice place to be.

A Lot of Green Waste is Turned into Mulch

It is highly encouraged that you compost green waste in your own home or create mulch, and use it to improve the health of your garden. But even if you decide to simply throw your green waste away, there’s a good chance it’s going to end up serving the same purpose anyway. A high proportion of the green waste is used to create compost or mulch, with standards being observed. It is then either sold or given back to the community and used in public spaces. Some councils will also have free mulch days for residents. Keeping green waste out of landfill has many benefits and reduces carbon emissions.

Shredded Paper Belongs in Your Green Waste Bin

When it is shredded or cut up into small pieces, paper can be easily composted. Generally, it is considered a recyclable material and should be placed in the yellow-topped bin. But in small pieces, machinery at recycling depots can struggle to properly process it, so you’re better off throwing it in with the grass clippings and food scraps. In actual fact, it is a great addition to your compost so think about shredding paper and including it in your compost bin whenever possible.

Supermarkets Produce a Great Deal of Green Waste

super market produces green waste

It’s actually not surprising that supermarkets do produce high quantities of green waste when you consider the fact that not all food is going to be sold. However, it has been reported that supermarkets often reject fruit and vegetables, essentially throwing them away, purely based on their appearance. The consumer is obsessed with their fruit looking a certain way, and when fruit and veg don’t adhere to these cosmetic standards, they are very unlikely to find their way to the supermarket shelves. In fact, studies indicate that as much as 20%-40% of these food products are rejected, indicating huge levels of wastage. This is particularly astonishing when you consider that many people around the world are starving!

Summary of the article:

Some of these facts are quite surprising and highlight just how important our waste disposal habits are. It should not be understated how important it is to always do your part when it comes to disposing of waste, whether it be organic, recyclable or non-recyclable. Contact Metropolitan Transfer Station for more information about green waste disposal in Melbourne.

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