Frequently Asked Questions | Metropolitan Transfer Station

What materials do you accept “Free of Charge”?

Steel, Stainless Steel, White Goods, Batteries, Aluminum, Cast Iron, Brass Copper.

What other materials do you accept (charges apply)?

Brick, Soil, Concrete, Tiles, Asphalt, Plasterboard, Carpet, Household goods, Timber, Wood, Pallets, Green Waste, Paper, Cardboards and Plastics.

What items do you also accept (surcharge applies)?

Oils, Gas Bottles, Mattresses, Tyres, Tree Trunks, Stumps and Bamboo.

What materials don’t you accept?

Asbestos, Paint, Toxic Chemicals, Food Waste, Hazardous Liquids and Medical Waste.

How do I estimate how must waste I have?

150 loose bricks = 1 cubic meter
240 liter wheelie bin = 0.24 cubic meter
Standard 6’x 4’x 1’ trailer = 0.65 cubic meter
Standard 8’ x 4’ x 1’ = 0.90 cubic meter
1 cubic meter (1m3) = 1.0m x 1.0m x 1.0m
Loose bricks = 930kg per cubic meter
Concrete = 830kg per cubic meter
Garden vegetation = 90 – 210kg per cubic meter
Plasterboard = 230kg per cubic meter