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“FREE” Waste Assessments and Audits

Metropolitan Transfer Station and Recycling Center in Keysborough offers Waste Assessments and Audits at your company. They are an ideal way to find out how your company can recycle more and make more money whilst developing sustainable resource recovery objectives.

How does our waste assessment service works?

Often an assessment is undertaken prior to a full waste audit so that we can identify what areas of your company's current waste and recycling practices could be improved. Following a waste assessment, a waste audit can provide a much greater level of detail about the type of waste generated onsite. At the same time such an audit can identify key areas of non-compliance with your company's environmental policies and will give an indication of the level of employee engagement regarding recycling and sustainability.

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How will this benefit your company?

Metropolitan Transfer Station and Recycling Centers Assessments and Audits are ideal for any medium to large size business. Our experienced recycling specialist can undertake an audit in any commercial or industrial environment such as: manufacturing facilities, shopping centers, offices, school and tertiary campuses, tourist facilities, hospitals, aged-care facilities etc. After the waste audit has been completed our experienced recycling specialist develops a recycling and waste management plan with you that suit your specific operation, taking into account the site, level of employee engagement, environmental objectives etc. Metropolitan Transfer Station and Recycling Center’s waste management plan can deliver real benefits in terms of cost management, improving recycling through source-separation and reducing waste disposal to landfill. This way we all benefit.

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