Waste Disposal Pricing | Metropolitan Transfer Station

At Metropolitan Transfer Station, we pride ourselves on offering reasonable waste disposal pricing without compromising on the quality and convenience of our service. We are able to recycle and/or process nearly all kinds of waste materials, from organic waste to used building materials, recyclable goods, plastics and other non-hazardous materials.

Proper waste disposal and recycling can be pricey when you consider the amount of legwork that’s involved in it. But the cheap and easy option of dumping waste into landfill simply isn’t sustainable in the long run. Metro Transfer Station takes the time to break down all waste materials and recycle them in an environmentally-friendly way. We are also one of the most affordable waste disposal companies in Melbourne, having built up an efficient, cost-effective system over the years and a trusted name in the industry.

Please refer to our waste disposal pricing list below.


Green Waste
*NO MDF,Treated or Laminates
Recycle Heavy Mix (RHM)
Recycle Light Mix (RLM)
Clean Dry Clay $68.00/m3
Clean Wet Clay $80.00/m3
Mixed Clay $110.00/m3
Clean Soil
Soil + Grass
Clean Bricks $40.00/m3
Clean Concrete $40.00/m3
Clean Tiles, Roof Tiles,Ceramic Tiles.
Man Made Stone



Oil/Paint $1.50 per litre
Gas Bottles $5 - 45.00 per unit up to 9Kg
Mattresses/Bases $45.00 per unit
Car Tyres $15.00 each
Light Truck/4WD Tyres $30.00 each
Truck Tyres $80.00 each
Truck Plus Tyres$120.00 each
Horse Hair/Fibrous Plaster $85.00/m3
Tree Trunks over 150mm $60.00 per item
Stumps over 500mm $60.00 per item